A deadbolt lock provides greater security than the door knob latchlock for a number of reasons. First, the bolt is extending further out into the door frame. Second, there is no retraction backward once the bolt is latched on. Finally, no credit card or sharp objects can open a locked bolt.
In addition, all of our high security deadbolts come with restrictive key system, bump proof mechanism and drill resistance core.

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We offer commercial and residential access control systems. You can count on no-key to access a server room or your front door. Most systems design using a latch bolt that provides a greater security than the door knob latch lock.

  • Great for server rooms with restrictive access.
  • High turnout office door.
  • Front door residential.

In addition, our systems can be configured with an override key in case of a lost code.

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In many cases we can upgrade your existing deadbolt to a high security one by changing its core. Unfortunately, some brands and models can not be cross platform and need to be replaced. If you own a "Home Depot" deadbolt style, there is a chance we can upgrade you. Generally speaking, a good deadbolt is made of a good material to withstand tempering and physical damage. We offer a higher grade material such as hardened steel deadbolt which is extremely hard to drill and pick.

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